Tuesday — March 9th, 2010

  Just some bits and pieces from my day …

  Day 2 of substitute teaching is over and done with. It went even better than yesterday, and they finished early enough to take their tests too! J

   We woke up around 6 this morning, and were out of the house by 7:30.

   I drove the kids to school since Dad had some errands to run in town and Mom was still feeling under the weather.

    School started without a hitch, we went to opening and after they finished their Bible lesson I let them play for a little while so I could check over their work. I listened as they played, checking and circling the pages as I went.


     “Let’s play NCIS!”

     “Oh, like NYC?” Daniel asks, pausing momentarily with his Lego gun midair.

     “No! Like the FBI.” Emma responds.

      Josh. “Guys! Lets just play, we’ve only got a little minutes.”

      So they run around with their toy guns and a leftover balloon from Peter’s birthday yesterday, holding their hands up to their mouth with pretend walkie talkies whispering about dead people and crime.

      A little while later, I’m almost done checking their work when I hear Emma raise her voice in the next room after Josh declares one Lego man and one Lego woman husband and wife.

     “Josh, he was supposed to marry my woman.”

     Typical little man that he his, Josh is slightly irritated that Emma isn’t happy with what he’s done. “Emma.”

      “Now guys,” Daniel is quick to play peacemaker today. “It’s alright. Lets just play the game. It’s gonna be okay.”

       “But guys, I have a simple solution!” Josh grabs a third Lego person. “First, they have to apply for a divorce. Then they’ll be unmarried, see?”

       “Oh Josh, that’s a real good idea. You’re pretty smart.” Daniel compliments his buddy with a big grin, as I’m trying not to laugh. How do they know about these things?!

      So they start the un-marrying ceremony — yes, that’s just what they called it — complete with “Now I unpronounced you husband and wife.”

       And it had a real bang up finish too, with Daniel tacking on a “NO! You ain’t allowed to kiss her no more!” 😉

       On the way home I stopped by GOCO and got Ice Cream for the kids. They thought it was the greatest thing, stopping for Ice Cream after school. The weather was warm and sunny, we had the windows down and some music on.

      Not even 30 minutes after we got home, the kids went outside to play on the swing set and I fell asleep for 2 hours! I had originally planned on catching up on some reading that I’d fallen behind on and ended up crashing until supper time. But the sleep was great. I had no idea that teaching or playing would be so exhausting but I’ve been privileged to discover both over the weekend while babysitting, as well as substitute teaching. J


    Oh! … and just on a final note, if you’re sucking on a mint, have your retainers in your mouth and suddenly feel the urge to sneeze … your kindergarteners WILL laugh. 😉