Wednesday — March 3rd, 2010


      Had another Doctor’s appointment this afternoon. Bleck! Who would have guessed that those postponed tests wouldn’t take nearly as long as I had originally hoped?  Okay, so my idea of postponing was kind of like not taking them ever … but then the lovely doctor called — not even his awesome secretary, but the man himself — to say that everything was up and raring to go.


    What? I hit the delete button on my voicemail. Ugh. That was kind of soon, wasn’t it? Why do all the fun things get pushed to the back burner and all the less-than-pleasant tasks happen way sooner than you want?


     So the kids went to school and after lunch, Dad and I headed to the doctor’s office. No, I wasn’t happy. With the exception of some small — very small — talk and the radio, the trip to town was pretty quiet. Dad was tired, and I was in a bad mood because I had to go the doctor again. Seriously, you can laugh at my foul mood. I would agree 100% that it’s absolutely the dumbest thing to get irritated about, but I loath doctors and needles and tests with an indescribable passion. 😉


     It had begun to drizzle ever so slightly by the time I got there. I grabbed my bag, and my coat and made my way inside. I had another appointment at three so I asked the secretary how long it would take.


    “Oh, don’t you worry about a thing.” He smiled at me, quickly typing in my name and pulling up my records on his computer. “I’ll have you in and out of there in no time!”


     I smiled. I could feel my bad mood beginning to give way, replaced with a knot in the middle of my stomach. It was coming and it was coming soon …


    Donating blood to a worthy cause was the epitome of human kindness in my opinion; having it taken was quite another matter. I don’t want them poking a needle up my arm and sapping me of my very life! :O


     Okay, so fine … that’s slightly exaggerating things. 😉 But that’s how I felt as I sat there in one of those high-backed chairs, watching an old man dozing across from me, and a young woman shove her coughing-hacking husband through the door.


    Bob — the secretary — opened the glass window and chatted casually about this and that for five minutes. He’s a really nice guy, reminding me more and more of my friend Michael. He cracks me up, even things that shouldn’t be funny end up cracking a smile or two. You just can’t help yourself! 🙂


     The nurse opened the door, called my name and asked me how I was doing.


    I wanted to say, “Uh, you’re about to take my blood! It’s not my day, lady.” Instead, I flashed a smile — hating myself for being so confounded nice when I didn’t want to do this in the first place. “I’m great. How about you?”


   She gave me half a smile, though her eyes looked far happier than her mouth did. “Oh, I’m doing pretty good. Glad it’s raining, not snowing. How about you?”


    Ah, easy conversation. I liked this woman already, and just maybe I was momentarily forgetting she was the one who would be taking my blood. 😉


      Usually, I view doctors office people as evil villains … plotting behind their long stack of clipboarded forms. Sounds awful, but I really do dislike them an awful lot. So she hands me this little rubber ball and tells me to keep squeezing it until she says to let go. I open and close my hand, feeling the sandy insides of the rubber ball flatten in my palm and come back to life. I’m a big fan of these things, but I hadn’t remembered until just then.


     “Oh no.” Her voice made me pause momentarily, I glanced down at my arm without thinking. Needles don’t make me terribly sick to my stomach, nor does blood. But the combination of both, leaves much to be desired with that knot in my stomach.


     I watched as she withdrew the needle from my arm. Was I through? I’d been there all of thirty seconds, so this would be impossible.


     “Let me try it over here, that’ll make it better for you.” She said, before sticking me a second time with the needle. She unknotted the rubber band around my arm and retied it.


       Lady, it would have felt a heck of a lot better if you’d left it in one spot. I cringed as she pulled a glass tube from her little stack in the corner. It didn’t help any that the temperature in the room suddenly went from cold to hot to cold all in a single minute. The whole ordeal left me feeling rather sick. I needed something, anything!


    The picture across the hall.


     A framed painting of an older lady walking down a tree covered lane in Autumn. Okay, if I just focused on that and chewing my gum it would be over soon and I could grab my stuff and go. I concentrated …


    “One more and we’re through.” The nurse promised. I nodded, still concentrating on the picture. I don’t care if four tubes is absolutely normal, it felt like an eternity. 😦  Ickers!


      By the time I got out of there, I had a wad of gauze taped across my arm and my mood wasn’t terribly fantastic. The secretary had been awesome about it when I left though, he laughed. “Ah, you’re such a trooper. Would ya look at that battle scar. Women of the world … raise your hand!”


     I had to laugh at that, even though my arm was hurting. He was like a ray of warm sunshine on this rainy day. He always was, even when I went with Mom to her appointments. Wow, for a disposition like THAT! 😉


      After my second appointment, we headed home. My arm was starting to feel like somebody had frogged it a good one. The tape and the gauze had already been thrown away, but it was hurting like crazy. Call me a baby, and I’ll probably agree to that too! 😛


      My sister has just joined the discontented women across the world with a closet full of nothing to wear. She knocks on my door as I‘m getting ready for church, and asks my opinion of her shirt. I ask her why she’s standing funny.


      “Stand up straight so I can see.” I say.


       She shakes her head. “I have to stand this way or it looks baggish.”


        “Looks what?” “You know, like this.” She straightens and the shirt is suddenly like a pillow sack on her. “Like I’m fat or something.”


         “Abigail, go find another one.” I said with a sympathizing smile. She wails all the way up the stairs, informing the house of her dilemma. “I’ve got nothing to wear!!!!!”