For years, I’ve been the biggest Alfred Hitchcock fan. I love a good mystery, and he always directed his films in such a way that had you waiting with baited breath as the plot unfolded.

I remember my very first Hitchcock film ever. I was at home from school with a terrible cold and I watched Vertigo with Dad. Every part of that movie fascinated me, the film direction had everything — everything — to do with it.

Watching it three times in a single week, I then began searching high and low for more. I discovered Rear Window, The Man Who Knew Too Much and 39 Steps, as well as a collection set with several of his first films.

Last night, I watched James Hawe’s remake of Hitchcock’s 1935 film 39 Steps with my sister. We loved, loved, loved it. It was an epic thriller and didn’t miss a beat in my personal opinion. It was everything you could want in a movie …

Hannay & Victoria being held captive.

Hannay's escape from the Nazi Plane.


Hannay & Victoria watching as the Nazi Submarine rises to the surface.