It was a lazy Summer afternoon, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. A boy and a girl lay on a grassy hillside, laughing and watching the clouds roll across the blue sky.


   “Oh, look at that one.” The boy pointed to a fluffy white cloud just over their heads. “It’s a castle.”


    The girl squinted against the sunlight with a smile. It was a fine castle, with a mote and three towers. “I see it! And look, there’s a dragon.”


     The cloudy white dragon was a fire breathing dragon to be sure. The boy and the girl watched the dragon chase the castle out of sight. They waited for another cloud to take shape, the boy closed his eyes imagining he was one of those knights from the castle.


   Rolling to her side, the little girl watched him with a smile. “Do you think I’m pretty?”


    The boy opened his eyes, and looked at her. “No.”


    “Well …” The girl paused for a moment, thinking. “Would you want to be with me forever?”


     When the boy shook his head again, the girl was growing desperate. She could feel the tears beginning to burn in her eyes. “Would you cry if I went away?”


     The boy shook his head a third time and told her he wouldn’t cry if she ever went away. Feeling as if her heart was being ripped out, the girl rose to her feet and walked away as the tears began streaming down her face. It wasn’t meant to be.


     He watched her go. Realizing he’d hurt her deeply, the boy jumped up and raced after her. Grabbing her arm, he looked into her eyes. “You’re not pretty, you’re beautiful. I don’t want to be with you forever, I NEED to be with you forever.”


     The boy bent to wipe the tears falling down her cheeks, knowing he couldn’t live a day without her in his life. He needed her; loved her. “And I wouldn’t cry if you went away … I’d die.”