Saturday — February 20st, 2010


      While getting the car stuck when out on visitation wasn’t necessarily in my plans, it sure made for an interesting Saturday. We were covering a small subdivision, and we ended up sliding on a patch of ice and getting stuck in a small snow bank.


       “Oh no,” Mrs. Cheerful Visitation Partner said, opening the door to assess the damage. “Looks like we’ll have to get out and push.”


       Push?! My mind was reeling for another way to get us out. A picture of the three of us — in skirts and dress clothes — pushing the car back up the hill and onto the road flashed through my head. I caught Mom’s eye in the rearview mirror and mouthed, “No! Please, no.”


     She gave me the look that only a daughter would understand. And yes, I understood the raised brow, the large eyes and the tight mouth like I’d read it from a book. I sighed. Apparently, we had no other choice.


      I slipped my phone inside my coat pocket and reached for the door. Mom turned around. “Do you want to push? Or do you want to get behind the wheel?”


     I stopped about mid-fold out of the car. First thought in my mind …


     I can’t do that. It’s a stick shift! I’ll panic and do something wrong. It’ll go rolling down the hill and we’ll be worse off than we are now.


     “Josh!” I jerked my phone out of my pocket with a last ditch effort. “I’ll call Josh! He can come pull us out with his truck. Please?”


     Mrs. Cheerful Visitation Partner seemed to be contemplating the idea as I pitched it to Mom. “Seriously, we’d be out in like no time. Right?”


     Thankfully, one of our church families lived just a short distance down the road. Josh and his dad came and pulled us out within five minutes and we were able to make our way back to the church safe and sound. 🙂


     Okay, so I’m not a complete sissy. I would have pushed the car if that’s what it really came down to. I would have cracked up in the end, of course. I’m a country girl at heart, I’ve lived here all my life. I fish, I hunt, I love to play around in the creek on a Summer afternoon and catch crawdads and minnows when I’m bored. 😉