Tuesday — Febrary 16th, 2010


      It’s been one crazy hectic day! After everybody got home from school, I headed to work with Mom and Kenna. I begged Mommy to drive by Sonic on the way, so we could get a Cranberry Limeade. She gave in rather easily, without a bunch of thought having to be put into it.


       So we’re driving down the highway, I flip through the radio and find nothing I like. I dig around in the CD compartment and find one I’d never seen before. I popped it into the CD player, not really knowing what to expect but loving what ended up coming on. I was content to listen to the “Happy Music” for awhile, until I got a text.


     I reached deep into my hoodie pocket and pulled out my phone, I glanced up at the road — no, I wasn’t driving. I just like to see where we’re heading. — and caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked up, then down and back up again. The guy driving the semi beside us was waving at me with the funniest look on his face. I couldn’t even begin to describe it for you, but it cracked me up. I caught myself about halfway into my wave, grabbed my phone casually and begin to text while informing my mother that I had been waved at.


     “Oh no!” Mom pulled my hand down as I pretended I was going to wave back on second thought. “Don’t wave! He’ll follow us to Sonic.”


      I laugh. Kenna slides down in her seat — little does she know she’ll be doing that a lot in a matter of minutes — pretending she isn’t related to the two nuts in the front. 😉


     Mom had to pick up a few things from the store so Mckenna and I waited in the car, listening to music and enjoying our Limeades. We got bored and ended up taking random pictures and commenting on different people coming in and out of the store.


      “I wonder,” I said, glancing at the old lady in the car beside us. “if I’ll have a pocket version of Super Word Finder when I’m old and feeble.”


       Kenna looked in the direction that had momentarily captured my attention and laughed. “If not, I’ll find you one.”


         Gee, thanks. Just what I’ve always wanted; to spend the last years of my life straining my bad eyes to find words that weren’t even in the dictionary when I was a kid. I’m sure the great feeling of accomplishment will overwhelm me … then I’ll have a heart attack from being so over-joyed and downright excited that I’ll die on the spot.


       How tragic. * Sniff *


        We had to get supper on the way to the Ladies Bible study so we drove through Burger King. We pulled up to the little microphone thing and placed our order, commenting on how super nice the guy was. Our food wasn’t ready when we drove around to the window so we had to sit and wait a few minutes.


      Normally, I’d mind just a little for having to wait. Not so, this time. For one, the fact that both guys working the window really needed to pull their pants up and tighten their belts was just hilarious.


      “Man!” Mr. Nice-a-minute-ago raises his voice to his co-worker. “Why do I have to keep asking?!! It’s like pulling eye teeth.”


       His co-worker shakes his head like he doesn’t know but sympathizes in spite of everything. “Don’t know, man.”


    Mr. Nice-a-minute-ago pulls his headset back down to finish the order, rolling his eyes as he does so. “Certainly, ma’am. And what would you like to drink with that today?


     He makes a few more remarks to his co-worker before jerking a plastic cup out of the metal tube and filling it with ice. I couldn’t help but think what might happen if he forgot to hold that button down while making some of those less-than-nice remarks. 😉


     That’s what I call talking out of both sides of your mouth there, buddy. 😮


      Personally, it’s a good thing I wasn’t driving tonight. I’ve got too much of my father in me for my own good, I believe. I would have said, “Thank you. You have a good night too, and have fun pulling all those eye teeth, bud.”


     Thank goodness for common sense kicking in sometimes, or the world would be a mess! 😉


      As if that wasn’t bad enough, we get to church for the Bible Study and a particular person is in a less-than-lovely mood, unbeknownst to me of course. Sometimes I’m sorry for asking how a person is … I didn’t want a life story, I just want to know how you’re doing right here and now or just how your day went.


     I settle in one of the pews with my laptop, planning to kill a little time in the half an hour before the meeting starts. Mrs. Less-than-lovely mood sits down beside me and proceeds to give me the fifth degree on the evils of Facebook.


     Didn’t I know how dangerous the internet was? What did I need to be telling the world my business for anyway? Didn’t I know once I get online I’m a goner, because its addictive like drugs? Didn’t I think about socializing via internet being a big time waster and really quite pointless?


    I was left reeling in the wake of being told Internet probably shouldn’t have been invented, feeling rather stunned.


    What. in. the. world.


      Fifteen minutes later, Mrs. Less-than-lovely mood comes walking past me like she’s out to skin the world alive. She wants to know where the new brochures are for something. I really had no idea where they were, but quickly brainstormed to think of a place they might be.


    “Do you think maybe they’d be in the office?” I asked.


    She stopped on a dime, looking at me like I was stupid. “Now how would I know that? I don’t mess with that stuff.”


    Oooh. “Well, um … I’m not sure where they are. Maybe Mama would know.” I offered like a weakling, handing the problem off to my dear mother.


     Several more instances like the above were quickly wearing my patience down to an unpleasant state of nonexistence. Nothing I said to her ended up being what she wanted to hear and nothing would brighten her spirits, much to my dismay. 😦


    The rest of the ladies soon joined us and we began our Bible study without further ado. As we neared the last few minutes, we ate some sort of Pecan Praline Pie that reminded me of a candle.


    “But if it were a candle, it’d be a Yankee Candle.” I smiled. The pie was good, it was just the way all the spices blended together that reminded me of a candle. The ladies all laughed and nodded in agreement.


    Mrs. Less-than-lovely mood sat a little straighter in her chair, growing ever so serious. “Did you hear about the house where they were burning a candle in their bathroom and turned on the exhaust? It was a bad situation.”


   When all the ladies began asking for the details since they hadn’t heard — we all thought the house went up in flames — she said soot smudged the ceiling.


    Soot. Soot? Soot smudged the ceiling? That’s all, nothing more? I looked at my friend Latavia and suddenly we both began laughing hysterically, right there in the middle of Bible study. No shame, just pure enjoyment.


    It was seriously the last straw though, after everything else Mrs. Less-than-lovely had said since the moment I had walked through the door … my nerves couldn’t take it anymore. I had been holding in half a dozen smiles that ended up in a bucket of laughs.


   Latavia & I were almost in tears and looking back, it wasn’t even all that funny. But then we started laughing over how stupid we were to laugh at something so un-comical. Mrs. Less-than-lovely mood didn’t find it funny in the slightest, but I did. And you want to know something else? I don’t regret it for a minute. 😉