Tuesday — February 16th, 2010


    Happy Tuesday Morning!


   It’s a gorgeous morning outside, the sun is shining down so brightly on the snow it almost blinds you when you look out the window. But my goodness, it’s beautiful.


    The family has carted themselves off to school once again and I’ve been left to play Home Alone 5. Oh seriously, it’s just dandy for me. I’m still loving the peace and quiet around here. 😉


    Dad left with instructions to keep the stove going downstairs, so I’ve been wandering down every so often to check it. I don’t mind keeping the fire going, stocking the crazy wonderful stove full of wood, but spiders … Mmm, I just don’t do the spiders.


    “I don’t understand why girls get so scared.” My best friend once said to me, after I had been terrified by a spider crawling onto my bed while talking on the phone. “You’re bigger than they are.”


     Ah, how very true. I’ve asked myself again and again how one tiny little creepy crawly thing scare me so? Maybe it’s all in the element of surprise. I don’t really know, but just as long as there’s a wonderful guy somewhere to put an end to it’s creeping, crawling little life, girls will forever be appreciative.


    Guys, humor us a little and kill that thing. Don’t you want to be a hero, even for a little while? 😉


    So every time I go downstairs to check the stove, I tiptoe across the cold floor to the woodpile and keep my eyes out for eight legged things. I’ve already killed one this morning, a big tan-ish looking one the size of a quarter. It was crawling around underneath a piece of wood I’d grabbed so naturally, I dropped the piece of wood I was holding and smashed it to bits — seriously, the thing is in pieces — with a smaller piece of wood.


     Yes, I’m dusting off my hands now, quite proud of my little victory. Although, you might hear an occasional holler if another one takes me by surprise. 😉


     The house is nice and cozy warm and I’ll be enjoying it until it’s invaded by little noisy people, dragging in the snow and trying to heat the outside. Mckenna will no doubt come in and tell me all about her woes at the Igloo: School of Ice.


    No matter what, I’m constantly cold in the winter time unless I’m camped out by the stove or snuggled up in my quilt. So every day I pulled on several layers and went to school, and I was still cold. Caleb would help me dig around in the hall closet for the space heater which I’d end up plugging in under my desk. I’d work happily until everybody else got too hot and I was forced to turn it off. I ended up nicknaming it The Igloo and now I suppose, the name has simply stuck.


     Mckenna’s the one fighting to stay warm, to keep the heater on full blast now. While I stay at home, drinking coffee, doing laundry, baking to my heart’s content and defending myself against the horrid creepy crawling army of spiders. 😉


     I was able to get some laundry done this morning. I used to laugh at all those people who complained about those mountains of laundry. Now, well I just don’t think it’s so funny. Ya’ll it happens! You feel so great when there’s nothing in the washer, nothing in the dryer … only to find out somebody hasn’t brought that last basket of laundry down.


Proverbs 24:1 “Be not though envious of evil men, neither desire to be with them.”