Monday — February 15th, 2010


    I lock the door, lean against it for a second, just listening.


     I hear the fan going and try to remember the last time I heard this noise. Three weeks at best? I don’t remember, I just know it’s been a real long time.


      What kind of person listens for the sound of the fan whirring somewhere in their house? This person right here; this person who hasn’t been home alone for what has felt like an eternity due to a houseful of family which was also due in part to the enormous amounts of snow we’ve been getting since Christmas.


     There’s probably seven inches of that cold white stuff still blanketing the earth, drifts up to four feet high around town from clearing parking lots and sidewalks. The snowplow that came to clear our driveway last week got stuck at the top and two days later they were finally able to get it out with the aid of two pickup trucks.


     Seriously, isn’t that pretty bad if even the snowplow gets stuck? 😉


      The family has all gone to school this morning and this peaceful silence is hitting me like … like I don’t know! Not like a snowball in the face, but maybe a hot cup of coffee when you first open your eyes in the morning. Something like that maybe?


    We picked up Papa Johns on the way home from work on Saturday night. We got home and the moment I walked in my room, I wanted to cry. A single red rose lay across my bed, absolutely stunningly beautiful.


     I ran into the kitchen, threw my arms around Daddy’s neck and whispered thank you in his ear. Daddy had gotten each of us girls a rose, and surprised Mama with not only a card but roses and chocolate. 🙂


    Mama didn’t know anything until she went in her room to put her coat away before supper. She came out smiling and told us what Daddy had done. Being nothing but pure female, my sisters and I ran into their bedroom oohing and ahhhing as only girls will do.


    All the excitement made the boys wonder what on earth was so interesting, so they raced into Mom and Dad’s bedroom and while Samuel howled in amusement — at Daddy’s softer side, I don’t know — Josh just shook his head with a silly little smile on his face.


    And dad? Well, he just sat at the kitchen table grinning because he was the man. Mama walked up behind him and put her arms around his neck and kissed him. “You are the man.”


     I hope someday, I’ll have the same kind of relationship that my parents do. Where my kids giggle and grin because they see how much their Mama loves their Daddy. I want a love like that.


    After supper, Mom put together a Strawberry Trifle for lunch on Sunday. Now, if you were to do this on a day like today, you wouldn’t have any problem. You wouldn’t have five different people begging for Strawberries or wanting to get the cool whip container when you were through. You wouldn’t have to keep warning little fingers — and big ones too — not to touch, or reminding them not to climb over the counter as they sat at the bar watching.


   The girls and I watched Hallmark’s Elevator Girl in honor of Valentines day after everybody else had gone to bed. We thought it was a pretty cute movie — guys, don’t roll your eyes. Yes, movies can be cute … to us, anyway. 😉


    Sunday morning rolled around and everybody just popped out bed for some reason. I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed back to my room to get ready and do my devotions. A few minutes later, the boys were knocking on my door asking how they looked. Josh wore a red plaid button down with khakis, and Samuel was wearing dark pants, white dress shirt and a red tie.


    “Aw, I love it.” I knelt down to hug them. “You boys sure do look handsome.”
They grinned sheepishly, but I had a feeling that’s what they’d been hoping for all along. They went upstairs to get their Bibles and I went back to curling my hair.


    When I walked into church, everything was so cutesy and festive. There were hearts on the vestibule table, a vase of carnations and little satin bags of chocolate on the table in the front.


    Shannon brought Noah back to nursery for Sunday school and I couldn’t have been happier. Its been three weeks since I’ve gotten to see him and he’s grown so much its unbelievable! He was a little fussy so I sat in the rocking chair and fed him a bottle, he just laid there looking up at me with his cute blue eyes.


      I burped him and then sat on the floor and let him play with some toys. He can’t sit up on his own yet, so I sat him up and supported his back. All the bright colored toys soon had his attention but he would keep turning around to look at me and give me the cutest baby grin ever with his eyes lighting up.


     Does he know he’s got me wrapped around his finger? His mommy says he’s always a happy baby, and I believe her. He rarely cries, and loves to be read to. 🙂


      I spent the afternoon watching another hallmark movie Before you say I do with Daddy and the girls. Okay, so I have to admit, Hallmark movies are lacking something of late but this one was pretty good. Even Dad thought it was a pretty good movie. It had a bit more substance and definitely ventured away from your typical boy meets girl story line that makes you sick half the time because it’s just so … typical.


     I could’ve used some serious crash time yesterday afternoon but after the movie I started talking to one of my friends. We got to laughing over the dumbest things that we hated to stop until the last possible minute we had to get ready for church.


     Victory of the day? Probably when the song we’d been practicing in choir finally clicked. Whew! I had been a little bit worried about that one. It’s always hard when you’ve got a similar song stuck in your head and have to refocus so you can sing the song you’re supposed to! 🙂


   “Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.”  Joshua 1:9