Someone commented recently on something I posted last Summer. I re-read the post The Best Wife that I can Be and was blown away. I had been going through Debi Pearl’s book Created to be His Help Meet and had completely forgotten about it until just the other day.


       I dug the book out of my storage boxes; it was just where I thought it might be. I thumbed through it at something to midnight a few days ago and thought Wow! I really need to get back into this thing.


      I couldn’t remember exactly where I left off so I went back to the third chapter today and began writing ever so furiously. It was like finding a pot of gold; you’re thrilled to find it but have the dilema of deciding what to do with it.



Showing your man you care:



    Slip notes here and there to tell him how much you love him. It’s not hard at all, and I’ll bet you anything it will make him smile.


     Don’t play stalker detective; following him everywhere and tracking his every move. He needs a little space, and if you’re not constantly nagging him about what he’s doing you can build a firm foundation of trust.


      Call him while he’s on break at work and tell him you love him and can’t wait to see him. This will give him the drive to get through the rest of his shift and be all the more excited to get home. He won’t have to worry about the possibility of coming home to a messy house, a frazzled wife or a lack of supper.


       Take 15 minutes out of your day so you look nice when he comes home from work. If you’ve had a rough day, he’s been at work and probably doesn’t want to hear a long list of complaints.  Wouldn’t you love to hear him walk through the door and say, “Sweetie, you look beautiful” ?


       * Regardless, looking nice will be a welcome sight for him, and you’ll feel a whole lot better after putting yourself together.


      Put something special in his lunch. It wouldn’t hurt to drop a Hershey’s kiss in his lunch bag now and then with a little note. It isn’t the real thing but you know he’ll think about it all day — he’ll be looking forward to coming home to YOU!


      Encourage him with Verses. If you come across a verse that you think might be encouraging to your man, put a tab in his Bible to mark the spot so he’ll find it.


      Don’t give up when things get tough. He needs support. You should be his strongest supporter, his biggest fan. God stands by you when you stand by your man. Rough circumstances will get in the way, but work through them together without complaint. Let him know he can count on you.


Proverbs 15:13 “A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance; but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.”


      Pray for him DAILY (constantly). He’s got it pretty tough at times, too. He’s only human, after all. Pray for him physically, emotionally and Spiritually, first and foremost.


      Do something silly. Design a t-shirt that tells the world how much you love your man. He’ll think you’re a little bit crazy, but he’ll secretly love seeing you in that shirt. It will boost his confidence, regardless.


     Let him know he’s your Hero, your Everything. He needs to know he’s the man of your dreams, that you could never ask for anything more. Let him know you are thankful God has placed him in your life.


     Voice your Appreciation. Tell him how much you appreciate everything he does, right down to checking to make sure the doors and windows are locked every night before he goes to bed.


     Go for a walk & watch the Sunset. Need I say more? No cell phones, nothing. Just the two of you talking and enjoying the peace and quiet.


     Leave a Message after the beep. When he’s left his phone lying around the house somewhere, call to leave an “I love you” message so he’ll get it the next time he turns it on.


      Wink at him. I’ve yet to discover just why they like this, but they really do.


    There’s plenty of other things we could add to that list, but those are just a few to get the wheels in motion. 😉


    Ask yourself, “What can I do today to make him smile?” and be constantly wracking your brains to come up with something sweet you haven’t tried yet. Turn it into a game, and find creative ways to show your man you love and appreciate him for the man he is.